Privacy Policy

1. Overview

Downeast Chandlery collects personal information in order to deliver services to members of our Licensing Program. We handle this information securely and confidentially with your privacy and rights in mind.

All personal information is kept confidential. Except as required on United States Coast Guard (USCG) forms, Downeast Chandlery does not share personal information with other organisations. Members will sign 3rd party consent forms to authorise Downeast Chandlery to submit applications and act on their behalf with the USCG throughout the application process. Information will be submitted to the USCG via email, except when requested by the member to submit via registered mail.

All personal information provided to the Chandlery is retained by default. With the exception of information securely accessible through the website, your file is stored securely offline in both paper and electronic formats.

Your personal information belongs to you and you have the right to request a copy of your Downeast Chandlery file at any time, or to request any or all portions of your file be deleted permanently from our records.

2. Your contact information

Your name, email, and phone number are collected by us and stored securely on our website. We use your contact information in order to communicate with you about your account, and as required to complete USCG forms.

Downeast Chandlery does not send newsletters or marketing promotions. We use your contact information to schedule and conduct consultations, request missing information, and deliver updates about the status of your application.

Your email address is used to identify your account when logging into the website, where you can manage contact and billing information. You will receive notifications when your email address or password has been changed, when updated payment information is needed, and/or when your membership status changes.

Renewal reminders for expiring documents will be sent to your email address.

Your home address, mailing address, and emergency contact information will also be collected as required to complete USCG forms.

3. Your payment information

Your payment information is collected, stored, and handled exclusively by Stripe, a reputable payments provider. Downeast Chandlery does not have access to this information. If you choose to provide your payment information directly to the Chandlery, we will enter it into the Stripe system and will not retain it in our records.

4. Your documents

Your credentials, licenses, passport, identification cards, diplomas, certificates, sea service letters, and other documents are used to build your legacy file. Copies will be provided to the USCG as required and under your consent and authorisation. Your legacy file will be used by Downeast Chandlery to: create your résumé, complete USCG forms, setup renewal reminders, and identify advancement strategies and recommendations.

5. Your medical information

Most USCG applications require results from a DOT drug test and a USCG physical. We collect, securely retain, and submit these records and results along with your application. All information is kept confidential.

6. Other personal information

Completion of USCG forms may also require collection of your social security number, mariner reference number, date of birth, place of birth, gender, nationality, aliases, alien registration numbers, conviction and/or drug use disclosures. This information will be handled securely and confidentially along with your other personal information.

7. Updates to this policy

Last updated: 21 January 2022

We may change this policy from time to time to reflect new services or changes to our practices. Changes go into effect when they are posted to the website. We may notify you by email of changes to this policy.

8. Contact us

If you have any questions or complaints about this policy, please email us at