Terms of Service

1. The service

The Licensing Program at Downeast Chandlery is a career consulting and credential management service for new and established professional mariners.

Upon joining the Licensing Program, we will work with you to build a legacy file that we will maintain for you to organise and archive your professional documents. We will collect copies from you of all existing credentials, sea service letters, certificates, and other documents. The information in your file will assist us in generating your résumé, identifying credentials that you qualify for, and targeting advancement strategies. By continuing your membership with our service, you ensure that all of the necessary legacy information for your credentials will be readily available when it is needed for your next upgrade or renewal. We will track expiration dates on all applicable documents and send you timely reminders to assist you in keeping all of your documents current. All of your personal information will be handled securely and confidentially in accordance with our privacy policy.

When joining the Program, we will work with you to develop a strong one-page résumé with references by request. We will explain to you what maritime employers look for in a résumé. Members may request updated résumés at any time. Cover letters and work histories may be purchased for an additional fee.

Entry-level mariners will be guided through obtaining an original entry-level Merchant Mariner Credential. We will help you understand the requirements and commitments involved, and introduce you to the seascape of opportunities for credentialed professional mariners.

Each time you submit for new credentials through the United States Coast Guard (USCG) you can rely on Downeast Chandlery to ensure that applications are accurate and complete before submission and that processing time will be kept to a minimum. We will submit your application and follow up with regular direct inquiries to the Coast Guard. This includes applications for original MMC's, medical certificates, renewals and upgrades. This service is included in your membership and there are no limits to the number of times you may apply. Applications incur additional fees that are not covered by the Chandlery.

Each submission will be accompanied by an updated advancement strategy outlining your existing qualifications and what you will need to obtain to qualify for different upgrades on your path to success.

Your membership includes unlimited consultations. You may contact the Chandlery at any time to discuss your career and credentials and to seek advice regarding past, present, or future employment on the water.

2. What's not included

Résumé cover letters and work histories are not included in Program membership, but may be purchased by request for an additional fee of $100. Members will receive these as editable files so they can make their own revisions. Revisions requested from the Chandlery will incur a new fee.

Membership fees do not cover fees payable to other organisations, including but not limited to: TWIC card application fees; USCG application, issuance, and examination fees; costs of physical examinations and DOT drug tests; costs of training or exam preparation services. The Chandlery can pay application fees on behalf of members upon request for a 5% convenience fee.

Downeast Chandlery does not provide USCG approved training, exam preparation services, drug testing, or physical examinations. We can recommend trusted sources that provide these services.

We do not submit incomplete applications to the USCG. We do not accept unsigned or incomplete documents. We do not hunt down missing documentation. We do not issue sea service letters. We will help you identify what you are missing and what you need, but it is your responsibility to obtain the missing documents and to follow up with vessel owners to request missing sea service letters.

3. Your role

In order to benefit from our Licensing Program you should be prepared to do your part to advance your career by

  • scheduling, completing, and paying for physical examinations
  • scheduling, completing, and paying for DOT drug tests
  • visiting a TWIC enrolment centre for finger-printing and photos
  • gathering documents and furnishing the Chandlery with copies
  • obtaining sea service letters from owners of vessels you have served on
  • scheduling, attending, and paying for USCG approved courses and training
  • paying USCG fees and other application fees
  • signing forms to authorise Downeast Chandlery to act on your behalf with the USCG
  • studying for and passing examinations at a USCG Regional Exam Center (REC)
  • pursuing employment on vessels in order to gain sea time and experience to qualify you for upgrades

4. Eligibility and requirements

This service is designed to help professional mariners obtain and maintain official USCG credentials that are required to work on many types of vessels. The service is not useful to individuals who cannot or will not meet USCG requirements for obtaining these credentials.

At a minimum, you must be able to

  • pass a 5-panel DOT drug test (marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine)
  • pass a criminal background check
  • meet the physical requirements listed in Section VIII of form CG-719K and pass medical evaluation for conditions that may effect the safety of operations at sea

In order to advance your career and credentials beyond a certain point, you will also need to

  • spend time at sea on vessels of appropriate tonnage, horsepower, routes, or other characteristics. Most upgrades require increasing numbers of documented days at sea, accumulated over a period of multiple years.
  • invest in required courses and training. Some courses cost more than others, and many will involve travel to USCG-approved facilities.
  • pass examinations. Many upgrades include testing requirements. Study resources are available from various sources. Examinations involve travel to a USCG Regional Exam Center.

If you have questions about these requirements or your eligibility for a career on the water, please give us a call at 207-702-0001.

New members who are found to be ineligible or at high risk of rejection by the Coast Guard will be presented with options to proceed with the Program at their own risk, and will be offered custom terms that may include a partial or full refund as deemed fair considering the level of services the member requests in order to ascertain their full eligibility for a maritime career.

5. Billing

New customers and customers who have not had a current full or continuity membership in good standing within the last 30 days are required to pay a $300 package setup fee when joining the Licensing Program. This fee includes the cost of the first year of membership, which will be billed automatically each following year at a rate of $100 per year.

Existing members may opt to switch to a monthly billing rate of $10 per month at any time. Any unused portion of annual fees will be prorated and credited to the member's account. Credits will be applied to monthly invoices. When all credits are used up, monthly charges will appear on the member's payment method.

Returning members who have been a member within the last 30 days, or who have put their membership into continuity may wave the $300 package setup fee and rejoin the Program at the rate of $100 per year, with prorated monthly billing available after signup.

Automated billing is managed by Stripe. If you believe that a mistake has been made on your bill, please notify our accounts department at accounts@downeastchandlery.com.

If Stripe is unable to collect payment from you at the end of a billing cycle, you will be notified and attempts will be made for up to 30 days, after which time your membership in the Licensing Program will be automatically terminated. Services will not be rendered while there is a past-due balance. Payment received within 30 days will reinstate full membership and unlock all services.

6. Cancellation and refunds

You may cancel your membership in the Licensing Program at any time. Your membership will stay in effect until the end of the current billing cycle.

Package setup fees and membership fees billed at the annual rate are refundable by request within 30 days, if services have not be rendered in that timeframe. Membership fees billed at the monthly rate are non-refundable. New members who are found to be ineligible or at high risk of rejection by the Coast Guard will be presented with options to proceed with the Program at their own risk, and will be offered custom terms that may include a partial or full refund as deemed fair considering the level of services the member requests in order to ascertain their full eligibility for a maritime career.

You may resume your membership within 30 days of its termination for $100 per year. If you have not been a member within the last 30 days you will be required to pay the $300 package setup fee to rejoin the Program.

Members who wish to suspend use of our services but plan to use them again at a future date can avoid paying the package setup fee by putting their membership into continuity at a cost of $30 per year or $3 per month. Access to services will remain until the end of the last billing cycle before entering continuity. Services will not be accessible while an account is in continuity. Access to services will be reinstated when enrolling in the Program for $100 per year. Unused portions of continuity membership fees will be credited to the following year's invoice.

7. Disclaimers

Downeast Chandlery does not guarantee USCG approval or issuance of credentials. The Coast Guard will evaluate your application independently of our recommendations and may declare you ineligible for the credentials you are applying for. Your application may also be denied during USCG medical or criminal background screening. Downeast Chandlery will do their best to ensure that your application is ready for rapid evaluation and will alert you when we we have reason to believe there is an elevated risk that the Coast Guard may reject your application. Downeast Chandlery will work with you to correct deficiencies where the Coast Guard allows.

Downeast Chandlery does not guarantee employment opportunities or a successful or lucrative career on boats. Downeast Chandlery shares knowledge and advice about the types of employment members are qualified for and recommends opportunities to pursue for the advancement of the member's career goals.

Members use this service at their own risk. Downeast Chandlery is not liable for side effects that may result from use of this service, including but not limited to: fees, training costs, accidents, injuries, stress, failed relationships, alimony, child support, drowning, insanity, banishment from polite society, or a yard overflowing with rescued project boats.